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One80 Services Announces Custom Development Solutions

One80 Services is launching a new core offering: One80 Custom Development Solutions. This new offering includes the development and maintenance of: Custom Applications Software Development System Modernization Mobile Software Solutions Website Design Project Recovery Automating Manual Processes There is a trend for organization to outsource development of technology solutions.  Many of our clients are asking […]

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Effective Meetings Mean More Than Discussing

Many companies have been trying to reduce the overhead of meetings, to no avail. I have a really simple idea. Never set up or attend a meeting where the goal is to “DISCUSS” things. Here’s some examples of meeting invites I’ve had over the years: Discuss technology direction Discuss production outage Discuss ORM Discuss contract […]

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How Does a New Scrum Master Learn the Mastery of Scrum?

Learning to be a Scrum Master is hard. But what’s the best way for a new Scrum Master to learn to be a Scrum Master? I had it easy. When I learned, I had an awesome team. They were open, engaged, and always wanting to improve. The Product Owner was awesome also. Again, open and […]

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15 Signs of a dysfunctional stand-up

Below are some tell-tale signs that your daily Scrum may be dysfunctional. The team members stand at attention and salute the Scrum Master. There is an infestation of clucking chickens. You have a hard time hearing everyone over the loud yawning. There’s lots of very descriptive, helpful answers to “what did you do since the […]

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Case Study: A Healthy Hybrid

Click Here for full Article: BCBSNE Agile – PMI Article

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